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Company overview



As one of the long trusted supplier in the  packaging, nutritional supplement and medical products, MINH LONG CHAU CORPORATION (MLC) offers the customers the excellent quality  from the reliable manufacturers

1/ Packaging material

MINH LONG CHAU CORPORATION (MLC) offers a broad range of packaging material and service for pharmaceutical, food, beverage and tobacco also.

-         - Cold forming foil/Alu-Alu foil: OPA/Alu45/PVC, OPA/Alu60/PVC.

-          - Blister foil/ Lidding foil/PTP foil : Primer/Allu/HSL.

-          - Strip Foil soft temper: Alu/PE.

-          - Laminated foil: PET/Alu/PE; PET/PE/ALu/PE; PET/PE/ALu/PE/LLDPE.

-          - Plain foil: Aluminium foil 6 miccron, 7 micron, 9micron, … 20micron.

2/ Nutritional supplement

MINH LONG CHAU CORPORATION (MLC) offers a full service for contract manufacturing of nutritional supplement in capsule, softgel, tablets effected by  the reliable manufacturer in compliance with GMP, ISO  from America, Canada, Korea, Japan etc..

Here below is the formula for nutritional supplements:

-       -   Joint health

-        -  Nutritional oil

-         - Multivitamin: men, women, children & prenatal

-          - Weight control

-          - Beauty hair, nail, skin.

-          - Cold and immune health

-          - Healthy eye and vision

-          - Cardiovascular health-heart, blood, sugar circulation

-          - Memory and concentration

-          - Digestion and detox

-          - Urinary, Kidney and bladder health

-          - Sleep and relaxtion

3/ Medical product

MINH LONG CHAU CORPORATION (MLC) supplies the OEM production for medical products effected by FDA, GMP manufacturer from America, Malaysia, China:

The main list of medical products as below:

-          - Glove

-          - Condom

-          - Face mask

-          - Test kit like prenatal, sugar, etc…



30 Dang Van Ngu Str, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCMC, Vietnam.

Tel: (84-8) 39919708 - Fax: (84-8) 39919707

Email: mlc@minhlongchau.com - Website: www.minhlongchau.com