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Rice husk pellet from Vietnam

The globe partner knows rice husk pellet in Vietnam as Vietnam has built the strength of rice industry.

The strength of rice industry in Vietnam:

-  Vietnam has weather and soil to its advantage for growing rice. The Mekong River delta, Vietnam’s major rice basket, fortified by alluvium annually, is able to most inexpensively produce rice and related products;

 - Vietnam’s farmers are rice-growing experts, experienced and industrious;

 - Many major rice-growing areas, with highly-evolved, heavily-invested irrigation systems, have abundant water for irrigation. Further, these areas have convenient roads and waterways for transporting the rice;

 - International business respects Vietnam’s rice and Vietnamese rice exporters; and

 - Vietnam businessmen are dynamic, fair, and have a flair in approaching and developing export markets.

According to the a.m.strength, the globe partner will safely cooperate with the supply of rice husk pellets in Vietnam. The capacity os rice husk is big enough for the rice husk pellet mill in Vietnam to make the long and stable supply for rice husk pellet in the globe market.



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